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We develop Chirstian Leaders.

I work full time: online courses fit into my schedule, and I’ve heard great things about the school from my friends.

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I could engage with other students and with the prof, but in a way that allowed me to remain in the communities I was already embedded in.

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The RMC Library has access to over 160,000 electronic books through the following sites.

Off-site access is limited to Rocky Mountain College faculty, staff and students. The RMC sources are accessible via the links below and logging in with your Open Athens account, if necessary. If you haven't got an Open Athens account or need help, contact Dr Brad Teigen at for assistance.


This is a collection of over 140,000 electronic books, with content across all academic disciplines, including religion, theology, psychology, human services, and leadership.

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  • For help transferring a downloaded book to your portable device (iPad, iPhone, Android, tablet), check out this help guide or this ebook Support Center WEBSITE

Proquest/eBook Central

A small collection of electronic books provided by eBook Central, mostly focused on leadership studies.

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  • Note: Only option one: "Create an image PDF of a specific chapter or page range" is available right now.


A small collection of sixteen e-books on psychological disorders.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

  • Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice
  • Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior
  • Encyclopedia of Leadership
  • Encyclopedia of Religion
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (2nd edition)
  • World of Child Labor
  • Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life (2nd edition)

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