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Discipleship - One Year Certificate Program - Experiential

One Year Certificate Program - EXPERIENTIAL

24 credit hours

This program combines both experiential-based learning and relevant courses to advance the student’s impact in the ministry environment.  This program is designed for the student who is already or is soon to be involved in a ministry setting.  We work alongside the student and organization to provide a supportive academic learning plan that is unique to the student or the organization.

Each student will serve in a personalized leadership context designed to stretch the student to grow in relationship with God and ministry within a mentored setting. This program is designed for those who want to learn more about God, experience the unknown, and be stretched intellectually and spiritually. This program provides students with an overview of the Bible, understanding of how to think and act Christianly, clear perspective on how they can be a part of what God is doing, and opportunities and the skills to serve God better.

The courses in this program are all applicable to any other program at RMC. You can, if you sense God calling you, use this certificate as the next step, or the first step, in being equipped to serve God.

Here are a few examples of partnering organizations that take advantage of this program and allow you to live out the experiential-based learning that is so important to this program.

Charis Camp & Conference Centre

Gardom Lake Bible Camp

Course Requirements:

Biblical & Theological Studies (3 credit hours)

General Arts (3 credit hours)

Professional Studies (6 credit hours)

Approved Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

Field Experiences (non-credit)         

Profile of a Graduating Student with the Discipleship Certificate

A graduating student will:

  • discover and build a personal spiritual life that brings students into intimate relationship with God;
  • discover and build strong Christian community among students and with college faculty and staff;
  • develop a Christian view of God’s Word, His Kingdom, the Christian faith, and the world around us;
  • discover their identity in Christ and develop a healthy self–awareness;
  • gain an understanding of issues and subjects which the student wants to explore.

Career Path Options

This program is designed to develop strong volunteers for local church ministries.

Future Education Possibilities

Completion of this certificate qualifies as the first year of all RMC diploma and degree programs. You can use this certificate as the first step in being equipped to serve God if He leads you to continue your training at RMC.

We want to share with you our excitement for a new way of learning at Rocky Mountain College.

Pathways is our new “distributed learning” model. It is taking our classroom courses out of the box, and down the road to where you are.

With our focus on discipleship, leadership and social care, Pathways now enables students, professionals, and life-long learners, to take advantage of our programs and courses no matter where they are.

Courses are available to Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Often times God speaks to us and we yearn for a richer life. But obstacles appear.

Pathways is about removing obstacles and allowing access to quality learning experiences. We foster changed lives both locally and globally.

It is our hope that we can show you a new pathway to learning, ministry and a richer, more meaningful life. Thank you for exploring RMC’s Pathways program.

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