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Rocky Mountain College is following the guidelines and regulations provided by the Alberta and Canadian governments closely. Fortunately, our online delivery method for most of our courses means that there will be no interruption in the provision of most courses. If faculty or students experience COVID-19 symptoms we encourage them to access testing immediately. If faculty or students are unable to work because of COVID-19, or any other illness, we will work with them to ensure that they can complete the course or facilitate their students when they recover.

Interruptions to practicums, other field work or specific assignments will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis with the best interests of the student in the forefront.

Live courses will be rescheduled as necessary or students may opt to take the course online instead.

The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff are our first concern. Some disruptions or delays in communication should be expected as the situation develops. Rest assured that we are working diligently to provide the best educational opportunity possible to our students.

For further information, please contact your facilitator or supervisor

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Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada

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Rocky Mountain College is sponsored by the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada.

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Introduction to the Bible for FREE

The BBL100 course is offered to help you explore your faith more and understand the background and inspiration of the Bible, its history and composition, the overarching themes and message. You explore all 66 books of the Bible and understand the context and the purpose for which they were written. You also gain an understanding of how the various types of literary forms in which the Bible was written can legitimately be interpreted so you can better understand the message of all parts of the Bible.

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More details:

Click here for a brief abstract describing the key parts of the course. 

  • This is a Continuing Education course offered for free.
  • A new course starts on the first Tuesday of each month.

How long is the course?

Eight weeks (one lesson per week; approximately 2-4 hours to complete each lesson)

Centre for Pastoral Care Education

Rocky Mountain College in partnership with the Christian Pastoral Caregivers Association has established:

Centre for Pastoral Care Education

The purpose of the Centre is to provide training in order to equip people for service in pastoral care.

The Centre offers classes and seminars to assist volunteers and professionals who provide pastoral care in congregations, hospitals, care facilities, hospice and other contexts of ministry in developing their skills and understanding for the vital roles they fill.

One of the key goals of the Centre is to provide basic training to volunteers so that they can be effective in providing pastoral care. The Centre intends to offer a program that is recognized by Alberta Health, so volunteers will be qualified to serve within institutions as well as within facilities and homes of their local parishes and congregations.

Click here to see upcoming courses and events details.

Contact The Centre at Rocky Mountain College by clicking here to email for further information.

We want to share with you our excitement for a new way of learning at Rocky Mountain College.

Pathways is our new “distributed learning” model. It is taking our classroom courses out of the box, and down the road to where you are.

With our focus on discipleship, leadership and social care, Pathways now enables students, professionals, and life-long learners, to take advantage of our programs and courses no matter where they are.

Courses are available to Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Often times God speaks to us and we yearn for a richer life. But obstacles appear.

Pathways is about removing obstacles and allowing access to quality learning experiences. We foster changed lives both locally and globally.

It is our hope that we can show you a new pathway to learning, ministry and a richer, more meaningful life. Thank you for exploring RMC’s Pathways program.

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