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Bachelor of Arts in Human Services: Counseling Major

120 credit hours

This major combines studies in the Bible and theology with psychology, sociology, counseling and related disciplines.  Students learn foundational clinical skills for working with individuals and groups.

Profile of a Graduating Student

A graduating student will:

  • increase knowledge of the scriptures and of the theory and practice of ministry;
  • integrate principles of psychology and counseling with Christian thought and practice;
  • understand the principles of psychology which form the theoretical foundation for the practice of counseling;
  • develop individual and group counseling skills for use in human services work environments;
  • identify the necessity of receiving supervision, continuing education, and making referrals;
  • value and facilitate ethical human services practices.

Career Path Possibilities

Students who have completed this degree are well prepared for entry level positions in a wide range of human service agencies. Currently, graduates of this program are working with youth, adults, and families in a variety of clinical and educational settings: group homes, treatment centres, community youth services, correctional services, mental health support services, addiction treatment agencies, women’s shelters, counseling agencies, and church staff positions.

Future Education Possibilities

Although the primary focus of this program of studies is to prepare individuals for entry level positions in human services, some exceptional graduates have been successful in gaining entry to graduate programs in counseling or other human services fields. Graduate admissions are highly competitive, requiring an undergraduate grade point average of 3.00 or higher.

Course Requirements:

Biblical and Theological Studies (30 credit hours)

*indicates an elective of the student's choosing

General Arts (33 credit hours)

Professional Studies (48 credit hours)

Electives (9 credit hours)

*indicates an elective of the student's choosing

Practicum - 6 academic credits

In the 4th year of study, a 600 hour practicum is completed in a local human services agency. Under supervision, the student participates in the day-to-day work of the agency, developing valuable skills in the human services profession. The student is charged for these academic credits. 

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