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Diploma in Human Services

62 credit hours

This program gives the student the opportunity to expand his or her counseling skills.

Course Requirements:

Bible/Theology (15 Credits)

General Arts (18 Credits)

Professional Studies (29 Credits)

        Three of the following:

Profile of a Graduating Student

A graduating student will:

  • grow in understanding and application of scripture to life;
  • learn the principles and skills of life-long personal spiritual formation and growth;
  • advance principles and skills in the fields of counseling and psychology and identify how one can enhance Christian ministry;
  • Integrate principles of psychology with Christian thought and practices with a focus on providing counseling services in both church and community settings.

Career Path Options

This program is designed to develop strong individual and group counseling skills at the para-professional level.

Future Education Possibilities

Graduates can apply these credits toward future studies at RMC if desired.

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