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Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Development - Specialized Leadership Major - Degree Completion

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Development - Degree Completion Program

Two Years - 60 credit hours

This degree completion program is for students who have previously completed a recognized 2 year diploma. These students want to develop a biblical foundation, leadership understanding and skills, in order to use their abilities in a ministry context.  Or they want to bring their Biblical and leadership knowledge and skills up to the same level as their professional training.

The program requires a completion of a diploma with a minimum of 60 credit hours in a professional field (such as nursing, computer science, business administration), including a foundation of General Arts courses. A minimum of 60 remaining credit hours must be completed at Rocky Mountain College. If the foundational professional diploma does not include at least 36 credit hours from a spectrum of General Arts (such as history, English, science, math, social sciences, philosophy, foreign language study, music theory etc.), the deficiency is made up in addition to (or in place of some of) the required 60 hours.

The Specialized Ministry Major provides opportunity for individuals who have established professional credentials in another field to build expertise in Bible and theology and application of Christian faith to personal and ministry life and practice.

Course Requirements

Biblical/Theological Studies (30 credit hours)

Biblical Studies (18 credits)

Theological Studies (6 credits)

Christian Spirituality (6 credits)

General Arts (36 credit hours - all may be transferred in - if insufficient, additional courses will be required)

Depending on the credits transferred from the previous program these would be example requirements:

 Professional Studies

Core Leadership Courses

Leadership Specialization (up to 12 credit hours)

FE courses and Practicum may be required if a student does not have sufficient practical background

*Electives (3 credit hours)

*Some or all of these courses could be replaced to allow for up to 18 credit hours of General Arts

Profile of a Graduating Student

A graduating student will:

  • demonstrate a grounding in the Bible and its background, and commitment to a lifetime of study
  • articulate and support a personal understanding of major biblical doctrines
  • understand and exemplify Christian growth and maturity in personal, congregational, and professional life settings
  • demonstrate personal knowledge and skills of leadership
  • advance in perception and use of natural ability and spiritual gifts and their relationship to one's vocation and ministry.

Future Education Possibilities

This degree program provides the student with a foundation for graduate studies in various Christian fields.

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